Date: 19th June 2020

Time: 10.00am - 11.30am

Venue: Online via Zoom

Investment: £15.00

Watch Interview: Julia Davis interviews Julia Paulette Hollenbery about Wild Woman's Circle

An exploration of womens’ spiritual and sensual power

We will together form a sacred and nourishing womens’ circle, rediscovering the ancient feminine principles of inclusion, spontaneity, sensing, dynamism and living rhythmically. We will embody them, deepening into our natural feminine essence, becoming resourced in our bodies, our homes and our radiant presence in the world.

It is time now for a new feminine participation and leadership… We will explore the relationship between our loss of reverence for the feminine and the devastation of our living world. While the feminine belongs to both men and women, women will naturally lead when it comes to these qualities.

This gatherings will remind us we are not isolated competing individuals, but living intertwined with each other and the earth. We will still and calm, descending from usual thoughts and tensions, down into a more sensual way of being, activating our much needed and sacred body intelligence. We will find out what is arising for us and what wants to be known. We will become a mutual support circle for each other’s ordinariness and uniqueness, connecting with the gifts and demands of the seasonal time of the year.

We will use a range of techniques to invite deeper connection – discussion, guided exercises, imagery, alchemy, dance, ritual and silence.

About Julia

An experienced spiritual therapist, embodiment teacher, speaker and author, Julia brings to every interaction an extraordinary quality of attunement and a deep, innate wisdom for practical healing and wholeness.

Along with her formal training - including The Grinberg Method of Bodywork, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Family Constellations and Kashmiri Shaivism Tantra - she brings expertise in a wide range of spiritual traditions such as shamanism, yoga, sufism, kabbalah, gurdjieff and inquiry to help you envision and embody your unique potential.