Finchley Yoga Timetable
Summer Term Dates - 20th April- 16th July (half term w/c 25th May)
Summer Term Teen Yoga Dates - 1st June - 6th July (second half term)

Prices & Payment

Once in person classes resume all remaining zoom classes will be valid for use at Finchley Yoga studio.

Class Type

If you are facing financial challenges please contact Julia to discuss how we can support you through yoga.



To register for Monday & Thursday classes click here:


To register for Over 60s classes click here:


To register for new Wednesday 10.30am - 1 hour Pranayama & Yoga Nidra class click here:


To register for Restorative classes click here: Please follow the link to find out more about Tuesday Restorative sessions.
If you would like to join one of our classes at any point during a term, please contact Julia for details on pro-rata payment for the remaining classes in the block.

10 block booked sessions must be used within one term. 5 block booked sessions must be used within a half term.

Please complete this Registration form before attending your first Finchley Yoga classFinchley Yoga Registration Form

For Teen Classes, please complete this form instead: Finchley Yoga Teen Registration form

Watch interview with Dianne Murphy who answers the question, “If you had 5 minutes yoga teaching time with teens about to step into an exam room what would you teach them?” and more questions about the value of yoga to teens to combat stress, improve body image and cope with the challenges of peer pressure.